International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

New special issue: International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

Green Criminological Dialogues: Voices from Africa

Guest editors Annette Hübschle (University of Cape Town), Ifesinachi Okafor-Yarwood (University of St Andrews), Nigel South (University of Essex) and David Rodríguez Goyes (University of Oslo) have curated a set of articles, with emphasis on Southern Africa, to continue the project of criminological knowledge democratization.

This is the third special issue of the IJCJSD seeking to engage in global ‘Green Criminological Dialogues’, succeeding ‘Voices from the Americas and Europe’ (Goyes, Sollund and South 2019) and ‘Voices from Asia’ (Goyes et al. 2022). The focus for this collection is Africa, a continent of enormous diversity—in Indigenous peoples and local communities, environments, non-human species, and resources—that has fuelled the dynamics of exploitation, conflict, crimes, and harm for centuries.

Guest Editorial Volume 13(1) 2024

The International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy is an open access, peer reviewed journal that seeks to publish critical research about common challenges confronting criminal justice systems around the world. The Journal publishes four issues per year, has no APCs and uses Creative Commons to licence articles – making criminology research accessible to all.

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 John Scott and David Rodríguez Goyes (Chief Editors); Avi Brisman (Book Editor); Marília de Nardin Budó (Book Editor), and Tracy Creagh (Journal Manager)


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