Webinar- Abusive Endings: Separation and Divorce Violence Against Women, a conversation with the authors

Join CJRC Associate Professor Molly Dragiewicz, CJRC Adjunct Professor Walter DeKeseredy and Professor Martin Schwartz for an international webinar

Abusive Endings: Separation and Divorce Violence Against Women, a conversation with the authors

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Recently Published: “Transparency and ‘uncomfortable knowledge’ in child protection”


CJRC Adjunct Professor Judith Bessant from the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT has recently co-authored an article published in Volume 37, Issue 2 of the Policy Studies journal. Read more

Recently published: Violence against Women in Pornography


Adjunct Professor Walter DeKeseredy recently published Violence against Women in Pornography with co-author Marilyn Corsianos Read more

Adjunct Professor Barry Goldson’s Latest Book: “Youth Crime and Justice”

Barry Goldson      Youth Crime and Justice

Adjunct Professor Barry Goldson from the University of Liverpool (UK) has co-edited the second edition of “Youth Crime and Justice”, comprising of a range of cutting-edge contributions from leading national and international researchers. Released earlier this year, the book:

  • Situates youth crime and youth justice within historical and social-structural contexts;
  • Critically examines policy and practice trends and their relation to knowledge and ‘evidence’; and
  • Presents a forward looking vision of a rights compliant youth justice with integrity

Topics covered include the history of youth crime and youth justice, specific focus on race and gender in the context of juvenile justice, youth crime trends, and addressing youth crime through restorative justice measures.

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Adjunct Professor Alex Sharpe Making A Difference Through Research on Transgender Law Reform

Alex Sharpe 0415 port

Adjunct Professor Alex Sharpe from Keele University (UK) is is making a significant difference through her research on transgender law reform and transgender legal issues. For over two decades, Professor Sharpe has been involved in the advocacy and activism for the transgender community and has used her expertise to provide advice to various government agencies and departments, members of parliament, law firms, public interest advoacy organisations and different professional bodies, both in the UK and internationally. Recent examples include:

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Recently published: “Differentiating confidence in the police, trust in the police, and satisfaction with the police”


Adjunct Professor Liqun Cao‘s recently published article in Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management offers a useful conceptual clarification of key terms commonly used to describe public attitudes towards police, namely – confidence in police, trust in the police, and satisfaction with the police. Read more