Publication: Dr Shane Warren

QUT Centre for Justice member, Dr Shane Warren, has had an article published in the international journal, Feminist Media Studies.

The article, authored with Mr Elliott Bryan, is titled, “The manosphere under the microscope: a critical discourse analysis of the news media reporting of Rowan Baxter’s murder of Hannah Clarke and her family”


This qualitative research addresses the question: how do antifeminist narratives emerge from Australian news media reporting of violence against women? Scholarship in this area is limited; however, emerging research reveals that antifeminist online communities are increasing and are becoming more volatile. Most concerning is their use of false and misleading news media reporting on violence against women to legitimise their ideology and promote recruitment. In this article, I will be informed by a Faircloughian critical discourse analysis framework underpinned by Lazar’s conceptualisation of feminist critical discourse analysis praxis methodology. One hundred and eight Australian traditional news media articles concerning Rowan Baxter’s murder of Hannah Clark and their three children Aaliyah, Laianah, and Trey, published between February 19 2020 and July 25 2020 are examined. A linear narrative arc unfolds within the media, beginning at initial reporting, to the story entering the social discourse. Two key antifeminist narrative themes emerged amongst the chaotic assemblage of discourses; incident and perpetrator as aberrant, and men as victims. Findings from this research contribute to the emerging research area of antifeminist discourses in online communities.

Read the full article here. 

Dr Shane Warren is a Lecturer in the School of Public Health and Social Work.  He researches in housing and homelessness, and is a strong advocate for the provision of flexible support services and appropriate and affordable housing solutions for community members experiencing disadvantage and marginalisation.

Shane’s research contributed to the implementation of major homelessness and domestic and family violence reforms including the design and development of new initiatives under the Queensland Housing Strategy 2017-2027 and Action Plan 2017-2020 and Partnering for Impact to reduce homelessness in Queensland projects including supportive housing for families and flexible assistance for people experiencing domestic and family violence.

Read more about Dr Shane Warren here.

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