Event: Should Cancel Culture be Cancelled?

QUT Centre for Justice was proud to support The Parley, a debate series presented by Sticks & Stones and spur:

spur: is an organisation that aims to make it an easier option for people to take positive action than to suicide.  Their project, Sticks and Stones:  making the internet a more human place is addressing the issue of online hate speech and digitally enabled violence and the impact this has on young people.

The event featured a debate on the topic ‘Should Cancel Culture be Cancelled?’ and featured QUT Centre for Justice member Dr Julie-Anne Carroll (pictured) arguing for the ‘con’ team.

Professor Melissa Bull, Director, QUT Centre for Justice, opened the debate with information about the Centre and how its research and membership aligns with the work of the Sticks and Stone project.

QUT Centre for Justice looks forward to continuing their work with spur: into the future.




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