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Media: Associate Professor Deanna Grant-Smith

QUT Centre for Justice member, Associate Professor Deanna Grant-Smith has provided  research commentary on an article that appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age titled, “From Avon ladies to nutrition clubs:  How much do you really earn in multi-level marketing?” (26 March 2023)

The article discusses the surge of people moving into multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes during lockdown, however expert opinion warns against the “overpromise” on how much income can actually be earned.

Associate Professor Grant-Smith discusses her research that shows some of the reasons MLM schemes appeal to people, and how schemes market themselves to encourage people to join.

Read the QUT Centre for Justice Briefing Paper on this topic titled, Developing a profile of multi-level marketing consultants in Australia to support informed decisions to join by Deanna Grant-Smith, Alicia Feldman, Bernd Irmer and Laura de Zwaan, published in February 2022, here

Read more about Deanna’s research here.

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