QUT Centre for Justice in the Media – Flood, Grant-Smith, Cross and Lauchs

QUT Centre for Justice has appeared in a number of media sources this week.

Michael Flood

“The Battle for our Boys”, Courier Mail, 11 March 2023

“Andrew Tate:  Monster influencer flooding our schools with ‘toxic’ ideology,” Gold Coast Bulletin, 10 March 2023

Professor Michael Flood has appeared across a number of publications this weekend commenting on the influence of so-called ‘mega misogynist’ Andrew Tate and the impact on boys in schools across the state.  Professor Flood noted that

“Schools have an absolutely central role to play particularly through respectful relationships education in inoculating young people against the sexism and the misogyny that Tate and others preach,’’

Deanna Grant-Smith

“‘They know all the buttons to press’:  Multi-level marketing can damage relationships, expert says”, The Melbourne Anglican, 21 February 2023

Associate Professor Deanna Grant-Smith has provided commentary on an article around MLM (multi-level marketing) schemes and how they grow in close-knit environments like churches, but then people often struggle with the direct-selling style of these schemes.

“Associate Professor Grant-Smith said her research found that many survey participants said they chose to join the schemes because they felt unable to decline the offer, and that recruiting within churches was likely due to the kind of connections recruiters typically sought to involve.”

Cassandra Cross

“SIM security systems leaving travellers with hang-ups”, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 February 2023

“Security issue trips up travellers”, Sunday Age, 12 February 2023

“Two-factor authentication overseas:  SMS security issues catches out Australian travellers overseas“,

Associate Professor Cassandra Cross has provided commentary in a number of publications reporting on the limitations of using two-factor authentication when travelling overseas on an overseas SIM card.  A/Prof Cross noted that after so many data breaches, many companies were mandating the use of two-factor authentication.

“People are more open to using unsecured WiFi spots when overseas compared to when we’re at home and have control over that,” said Cross.

A/Prof Cross also appears on ABC Radio Brisbane on 29 January 2023 with Mark Rowley, Chief Commercial Officer of IDCare, to discuss strategies to keep yourself safe when buying and selling online.

Mark Lauchs

Associate Professor Mark Lauchs provided comment to a Sunday Times, Perth article on “Modern Warfare” (22 January 2023) reviewing the  effectiveness of the measures  of the McGowan Government’s Unlawful Consorting and Prohibited Insignia Act was introduced 12 months ago.

“The laws made it illegal for bikies to wear their patches in public —and those who once proudly flaunted gang tattoos on their faces and bodies have been forced into wearing make-up just to step the front door.”

A/Professor Lauchs noted that “you can’t be an open-bikie in most states of Australia now.”.  A/Professor Lauchs also noted it was yet to be seen if the new laws would have a lasting impact.

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