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Strategies for Improving Labour Conditions Within the Australian Cotton Value Chain

QUT Centre for Justice member, Associate Professor Erin O’Brien launched a research report for a project on preventing labour exploitation in the cotton value chain, commissioned by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC).  The project was led by Professor Alice Payne (RMIT, Adjunct QUT Centre for Justice) and the full project team was:

Alice Payne (RMIT, QUT Centre for Justice Adjunct)

Justine Coneybeer (QUT C4J HDR student)

Erin O’Brien (QUT)

Rowena Maguire (QUT)

Martijn Boersma (Notre Dame)

Timo Rissanen (UTS) and

Karina Kallio (UTS)

This research was profiled in Cosmos – a leading science magazine in an article titled, “How cotton growers can help clean up the clothing industry.”  

The research was also profiled by QUT Media.  

Full project details can be found here, include a copy of the full report.

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