Vale Retired Inspector Regan Carr

QUT Centre for Justice was saddened to learn of the passing of Retired Inspector Regan Carr. Regan passed away on 25 January 2023 after battling cancer for the last few years.

Regan was Queensland’s senior police officer in the area of Domestic and Family Violence.  She established the QPS Domestic and Family Violence and Vulnerable Persons Unit and was highly regarded by her policing colleagues throughout Australia and also a wide range of industry partners who worked in this sector. Due to her expertise, Regan was appointed as an Industry Fellow for QUT School of Justice a number of years ago.

Regan was an asset to QUT School of Justice both during her time with QPS and also in her retirement.  She assisted with Student Placements, Guest Presentations and also provided her expert assistance with a number of research projects and network contacts. Regan’s ongoing willingness to assist the school was demonstrated most recently when she was still eager to provide a lecture for the summer unit Investigations and Evidence.

Regan was a member of QUT Centre for Justice “Stopping Gender Violence” Advisory Board and she made a valuable contribution to this group.  Regan was also involved in a project between Domestic Violence Action Centre (DVAC), Queensland Police Service (QPS) and QUT Centre for Justice to evaluate an innovative pilot to improve the policing of DFV through the co-location of a Domestic Violence Specialist (DVS) worker at Queensland Police Station, Toowoomba.

We acknowledge Regan’s invaluable experience and expertise in expanding the work of both the School and the Centre over the years.



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