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Our Research: Housing, homelessness and front line service providers

QUT Centre for Justice is building a strong body of research in relation to Housing and Homelessness.

As part of a QUT Centre for Justice-funded research project, Dr Shane Warren and  Adam Barnes of QUT School of Public Health and Social Work hosted two focus groups with specialist homelessness services and housing providers from around Queensland.  These focus groups were to discuss the observations of front line service providers about the nature of family homelessness. 

Some of the topics explored included:

  • the structural drivers of family homelessness,
  • the gendered nature of poverty and homelessness,
  • tight housing markets with housing stock not suited to families,
  • the impact of population increases in Queensland on already stressed and under-resourced housing and homelessness service systems,
  • the need for greater supply of affordable housing and flexible support services,
  • a crisis accommodation system under immense strain with very few pathways out of homelessness for families,
  • the need for better alignment between housing and support policy, and
  • inter-sectorial issues with child protection, health, employment, income support and criminal justice systems

The findings of this research will be published in a QUT Centre for Justice Briefing Paper early in 2023.

 Agency partners involved in this project include Brisbane Youth Service, Anglicare Southern Queensland, Micah Projects Inc.,  Communify, Hinchinbrook Community Centre, Encircle, Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre, QShelter, the Salvation Army, Family Emergency Accommodation Townsville and National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). 

Other QUT Centre for Justice work in this area in 2022 included  involvement in the Butterfly Project  – a project that researches and provides solutions for mature women dealing with homelessness.

During 2022 QUT Centre for Justice co-hosted the Lady Musgrave Trust 14th Annual Women and Homelessness Forum and during this forum released a Briefing Paper titled, “Young homeless people and domestic and family violence:  Experiences, challenges and innovative responses” written by Danielle Davidson (QUT), Bridget Harris (Monash University) and Helena Menih (LaTrobe University).  Read more here.

QUT Centre for Justice looks forward to growing its research in this important area in 2023.

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