QUT C4J member success – ARC Discovery Project

QUT Centre for Justice is pleased to announce the success of three of its members as part of an ARC Discovery Project.

Project Team (Centre members in bold):

Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik; Dr Hope Johnson;  Associate Professor James Blinco; Professor Afshin Akhtar-Khavari; Associate Professor Mark Lauchs; Dr Anja Goldmann

Project Title:

The project aim is to introduce the first optically readable sequence-defined polymers based on fluorophore excimers, whose information content can be read as simply as conventional barcodes. These macromolecular barcodes, embedded in solid polymer matrices, will overcome the current limitations of reading information from synthetic macromolecules. An interdisciplinary effort will fuse chemistry, law, and criminology to develop the technology in ways that are expected to address illicit plastic waste trafficking – ending the anonymity of polymer waste by creating a regulatory and criminological paradigm for tracing plastic waste to hold actors in the value chain responsible.

This project is truly interdisciplinary in nature, with intersections in chemistry, law and criminology.

The project also includes members from QUT Centre for Materials Science.

We congratulate everyone involved.



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