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Research Report: “Gender and the Glasgow COP: Please do more”

QUT Centre for Justice has released a Research Report titled, “Gender and the Glasgow COP: “Please do more”.  This paper was prepared by Rowena Maguire (Queensland University of Technology), George Carter (Australian National University) and Sangeeta Mangubhai (Talanoa Consulting) and is being released to assist State Parties to prepare for the forthcoming COP27 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations to be hosted in Egypt in November 2022.

Climate change is not gender neutral and impacts men and women differently based on social and cultural norms that determine power relationships, roles and responsibilities at the household and community levels. In many societies, the ability of women to respond and adapt to climate change is limited as a result of gender relations.   While there is sufficient knowledge demonstrating the gendered implications of climate change, the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC) has been incredibly slow, even reluctant to incorporate gender into its regime.

This Research Report explores the meaning, place and dominant voices surrounding gender within the UNFCCC. This analysis was carried out in order to understand why action on gender by the Conference of the Parties (COP) has been largely limited to counting the number of women on committees or attending sessions, as opposed to embedding gender more meaningfully into climate action. The report serves as a guide and resource for negotiators as they prepare for future UNFCCC COP Gender sessions.

Read the full report here



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