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QUT Centre for Justice member achievements

QUT Centre for Justice researchers have had some notable achievements over the past week.

Dr Katie Woolaston

Dr Katie Woolaston  from the School of Law was awarded the WPSA Clay Morgan Award for Best Book in Environmental Political Theory.  Katie’s book, Ecological Vulnerability: The Law and Governance of Human–Wildlife Relationships examines human-wildlife conflict as a primary contributor to wildlife extinction and a manifestation of the destructive relationship that people have with wildlife.

Katie has also been quoted in media this week, commenting on the “five virus families most likely to cause the next pandemic.” according to a new CSIRO report, Strengthening Australia’s Pandemic Preparedness.

Dr Michelle Newcomb


Dr Michelle Newcomb from the School of Public Health and Social Work who studies burnout and attrition in social care professionals was selected for the ABC top 5 humanities media residency


Dr Gina Masterton

QUT Centre for Justice and Carumba Institute Indigenous Australian post-doctoral research fellow, Dr Gina Masterton, published an article this week.  Details below.

Gina Masterton, Zoe Rathus, John Flood, Kieran Tranter ‘Dislocated Lives: The Experience of Women Survivors of Family and Domestic Violence after being “Hagued”’ (2022) Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law   DOI: 10.1080/09649069.2022.2102765.


Associate Professor Michael Flood

Associate Professor Michael Flood contributed to three community and practitioner engagement activities in the last two weeks of August. He provided a keynote address, “Men Make a Difference: Men’s positive roles in building respectful workplaces” to a symposium at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Domestic and Family Violence – Men Ending Violence: Engaging eliminating and preventing domestic and family violence (August 23-26).

Michael provided six hours of professional development to teachers and student welfare staff at the Brisbane Grammar School, in collaboration with Dr Claire Moran, under the banner “Promoting Healthy Masculinities among Boys and Young Men in Schools”, over August 17-31. Michael also contributed to a panel for the “Respect Week Empower Hour”, part of the University of Wollongong Respect Week, on August 31.

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