Dr Adele Webb: Research and Impact

QUT Centre for Justice recently welcomed Dr Adele Webb as Lecturer in QUT School of Justice.  Adele’s research sits at the intersection of political sociology and democratic theory. She studies the way histories, structural constraints and lived experiences shape the way people understand and value democracy and political authority. She has published on populism, the middle class and democracy, US imperialism in Asia, and on the concept of democratic ambivalence. Her most recent project studied the impact of colonial history on democratic imaginaries in the Philippines, detailed in her first book “Chasing Freedom: The Philippines’ Long Journey to Democratic Ambivalence” published January 2022 (pictured).

Adele recently published an article in the Lowy Institute’s The Interpreter foreign policy blog, about the outcome of Monday’s national election in the Philippines.   Read the full article here.  

Adele also wrote an article for the Lowy Institute in the lead up to the election.

Over the past two weeks Adele has also done interviews for ABC Radio and Live TV, Associated Press and others about the political developments in the Philippines.


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