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New double issue: International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

A new issue of International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy is now available

The editorial team are extremely pleased to be publishing this special double issue which focuses on gendered violence and includes diverse articles from scholars in the UK, Brazil, Canada, Spain and Australia

The first is a special issue on: Criminalisation and the Violence(s) of the State: Criminalising Men, Punishing Women. Guest Editors Kate Fitz-Gibbon and Sandra Walklate subject the criminalisation thesis to interrogation in a range of key contexts where the criminalisation of men’s has resulted in increased state intervention in women’s lives including their punishment. These articles outline the ways in which legal interventions have negatively affected the very subject advocating feminists have sought to protect: women victim–survivors.

The second special issue:  Policing and Preventing Gender Violence in the Global South is the outcome of a workshop on innovations convened at QUT in 2019. Guest editors Camilla de Magalhães Gomes, Carmen Hein de Campos, Melissa Bull and Kerry Carrington have curated a selection of articles that seek to be more inclusive of multiple subaltern and peripheral voices including Indigenous, migrant, coloured and gendered voices, recognising both historical legacies of the violence of colonisation in addition to the legacies of coloniality on gender violence in the present in the Global South.

We welcome any feedback on the new publication – please contact

Kerry Carrington and John Scott (Chief Editors); David Rodríguez Goyes (Editor); Danielle Watson (Book Editor); Marinella Marmo (Book Editor), and Tracy Creagh (Journal Manager)


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