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Event: Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference

(Not pictured – Alissa Macoun)

Last week eight members of the QUT Centre for Justice participated in the Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference. The Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) is the professional association for those teaching and researching in Politics and International Relations in Australia.

Those presenting included PhD students Ingrid Valladares, Nyasha Mutongwizo, Benafsha Askarzai, and Justine Coneybeer, and staff members A/Prof Erin O’Brien, Dr Helen Berents, Dr Alissa Macoun, and Dr Caitlin Mollica. This year, the conference was held virtually from 20-22 September, with the theme ‘Politics in the Age of Uncertainty’. 

The topics of presentations from QUT researchers included youth political activism in Latin America and Zimbabwe, ‘political investorism’, settler colonialism and indigenous policy, feminist fieldwork methods in times of COVID, racism and Islamophobia in Australian politics, and youth inclusion in global governance for peace. 

Congratulations also to A/Prof Erin O’Brien who has joined the convening group of the Political Organisations and Participation Standing Group (POPPolitics) of APSA. 

Paper presentations:

Ingrid Valladares: Bringing generations together: Exploring intergenerational dialogue in youth-led social movements

Nyasha Mutongwizo: We move different down here: Social nonmovements and everyday politics in authoritarian contexts

Benafsha Askarzai: The burqa ban, Islamophobia, and the effects of racial ‘othering’ in Australian political discourses

Erin O’Brien, Justine Coneybeer, Martijn Boersma, and Alice Payne: Conceptualising political investorism as political participation

Alissa Macoun: Settler investments: Indigenous policy and the racial politics of Australian political imagination

Caitlin Mollica and Helen Berents: Feminist dilemmas in youth-to-youth research: Collaborations amidst corona, coups and other crises

Helen Berents: Beyond tokenism: The youth, peace and security agenda and the meaningful inclusion of youth


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