Event: Diverse Genders, Sexualities and Sex Characteristics Lightning Talk

Lightning Talks are a series of short presentations from different speakers around a single topic, with each introducing a topic or idea very quickly. Lightning Talks are a way to share information about diverse topics from several different perspectives. Lightning talks are ideal for research and are also great for stimulating collaboration.

Tuesday 21 September

1.00 – 2.00pm via Zoom

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Bring your lunch and come and listen to our panel as we recognise Brisbane Pride Month.

Sahana Sarkar Sahana Sarkar is a PhD student with the School of Justice. Her current research focuses on exploring women survivors’ experiences of and responses to cyberviolence in India. She completed her MPhil in Media Studies where she explored the role of digital literacy through survivors’ narratives of cyberviolence experiences. Her research interests are cyberviolence, violence against women, online privacy and digital literacy.

Rahul Sinha Roy Rahul Sinha-Roy is a PhD student with the School of Justice. They are a qualified lawyer and have both practised and taught law in India. Their current research focuses on victimisation experiences of gay dating platform users in India. Their research interests include queer criminology, feminist criminology and socio-legal studies.

Lisa van Leent Dr Lisa van Leent is a senior lecturer in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership within the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice. Her research interests concern teachers’ pedagogical practices in relation to diverse genders and sexualities. Dr Lisa van Leent has extensive experience as a primary classroom teacher. She completed her doctoral study, titled “Primary School Teachers’ Conceptions of Pedagogical Responses to Concepts of Diverse Sexualities” at Queensland University of Technology. Her future research interests involve developing socially just pedagogical practices with teachers for and about diverse genders and sexualities.

Matthew Ball   Matthew Ball is an Associate Professor in the School of Justice, QUT, and a member of QUT Centre for Justice. His research explores the intersections between sexuality, gender, and criminal justice, and he is a foundational scholar in the field of queer criminology. Mathew is the author of Criminology and Queer Theory: Dangerous Bedfellows? (2016, Palgrave) and is the 2021 recipient of the Western Society of Criminology’s Richard Tewksbury Award for significant contributions to research at the intersections of sexuality, crime, and justice.

Christel Antonites Christel Antonites is a PhD Candidate in the DMRC researching the gendered dimensions of the digital divide. Christel’s recently completed PhD employs an African feminist lens to critique digital inclusion policy and programs, finding that there is a disconnect between South African government initiatives and women’s lived experience of digital inclusion.

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