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Michael Flood: Engaging Men and Boys in the Prevention of Sexual Violence, Respectful Relationships and Positive Masculinities

Associate Professor Michael Flood’s book chapter on “Engaging Men and Boys in the Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence” was accepted for a second edition of the authoritative text Rape: Challenging Contemporary Thinking, edited by Miranda Horvath and Jennifer Brown. His chapter on “Men’s Violence Against Women as a Social Justice Issue” was accepted for the book Engaging Boys and Men in Sexual Assault Prevention: Theory, Research and Practice, edited by Lindsay Orchowski and Alan Berkowitz (Elsevier).

Associate Professor Michael Flood was interviewed for a video podcast by the Data Feminism Network, based in Canada, on men’s roles in achieving gender equality. The podcast was broadcast live, with Q&A, on August 6, and is now available here on YouTube. Michael also was interviewed by The Age on respectful relationships education in boys’ schools, bringing to 14 his total media interviews for the year.

Michael presented on “Men, Gender, and Positive Masculinities” to a group of violence prevention and gender equality practitioners in a Regional Gender Equity Community of Practice session hosted by Women’s Health Goulburn North East, on September 2.

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