Publication: “Afghan Youth Fight for their Future” – Australian Outlook

QUT Centre for Justice member, Dr Helen Berents, had a public-facing piece published recently in Australian Outlook, with Savannah Spalding who is a Justice/Law student and VRES student. 

‘Afghan Youth Fight for their Future’, Australian Outlook

This piece draws from on ongoing project on ‘Youth and Peace Processes’, being led by Dr Helen Berents and Dr Caitlin Mollica, and youth researchers Savannah Spalding, Casey-Jade Odgers-Jewell and Hayley Payne. This youth-led, adult-supported research has involved online youth-to-youth interviews between the youth researchers and youth peacebuilders in Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Myanmar. The project is being facilitated by the Children and Youth Division of Search for Common Ground. It has been funded through the Faculty of Law Vacation Research Experience Scheme, the Centre for Justice Practitioner Engagement Award, and an ARC DECRA Fellowship on ‘Youth Leadership and the Future of Peace and Security’ held by Dr Helen Berents.  A public report and academic outputs are in progress.


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