Strong communities and justice practices in the Torres Strait Region

Professor John Scott of QUT Centre for Justice, along with colleagues Zoe Staines and James Morton, has published an article in Journal of Sociology titled, “Strong communities and justice practices in the Torres Strait Region” .  This article forms part of a body of research conducted by John and his research team around Australia’s Torres Strait Islands.

You can read the article here

John was part of an Australian Institute of Criminology research report titled “Crime, justice and social capital in the Torres Strait region”.  This research was included in ABC RN’s Law Report and ABC News and looked at how the culture, geography and colonial experience is shaping crime and justice in the Torres Strait.  The research suggests that ‘social capital’ helps to keep crime rates down in this region.  Social capital includes cultural mediation, community involvement and support, as well as long-practiced traditions.

Read more about this research here.  

John’s body of research also includes themes of place and space, policing, crime rates, justice and isolation in relation to Australia’s Torres Strait Islands.

John, with his colleagues Zoe Staines and James Morton, recently co-published a QUT Centre for Justice Briefing Paper titled Crime rates and justice innovation in the Torres Strait Islands, drawing on research carried out as part of a Criminology Research Grant through the Australian Institute of Criminology.

John has been involved in a number of ARC Discovery Grants and has conducted numerous consultancies for government and non-government groups around justice in rural and remote settings.

More information about John’s research can be found here


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