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ABC News: Domestic violence surging amid COVID-19 lockdowns

ABC News’ Social Services reporter Norman Hermant has prepared an article on the research of QUT Centre for Justice member, Professor Kerry Carrington and her research team around the impact the pandemic lockdowns are having on Domestic and Family Violence.

The piece also goes into recommendations to strengthen the DFV sector to help prevent further spikes in instances of violence and abuse in future disasters including bushfires, floods, droughts and cyclones.

A link to the full article can be found here.

The QUT Centre for Justice research team were Professor Kerry Carrington, Professor Christine Morley, Dr Shane Warren, Dr Bridget Harris, Dr Laura Vitis, Dr Jo Clarke and Vanessa Ryan

QUT Centre for Justice also publish a Briefing Paper Series providing short, accessible accounts of topics and issues related to justice, including Domestic and Family Violence.    A link to the series can be found here.  


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