Promoting healthier masculinities among adolescent boys

Associate Professor Michael Flood spoke at a webinar on fostering healthy masculinities among boys and young men, hosted by Jesuit Social Services. Michael has contributed to the organisation’s Men’s Project, intended to support boys and men to live respectful, accountable and fulfilling lives free from violence and other harmful behaviours. He wrote commentaries for Jesuit Social Services’ two reports on young men’s attitudes and behaviours related to masculinity, The Man Box (2018) and Unpacking the Man Box (2020).

The webinar was attended by 289 people. Dr Flood was joined on the webinar panel by the Hon. Gabrielle Williams (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Prevention of Family Violence and Minister for Women in the Victorian Government), Julie Edwards (CEO of Jesuit Social Services), Ayman Islam (General Manager of the Islamic Council of Victoria), Kit McMahon (Chair of Gender Equity Victoria and CEO of Women’s Health in the South East), Matt Tyler (Executive Director of The Men’s Project at Jesuit Social Services, and Paul Zappa (General Manager Primary Prevention and Community Engagement for The Men’s Project.

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