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Online Side Event

QUT Centre for Justice member, Professor Kerry Carrington, will speak on Re-Imagining the Policing of Gender Violence in 21st Century as part of the 30th session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

Thursday, 20 May 2021, 09:00 – 09:50 am (CET), 5-6pm AEST

The periodic attention, globally, to a “crisis in policing” indicates enduring challenges in ensuring public
trust in criminal justice actors and institutions. Effective police reform, in line with international human
rights law, United Nations standards and norms, and the international evidence base on effectiveness is
key to achieving the public trust that is fundamental to the rule of law and to the promotion of safe,
inclusive and sustainable communities.

At the 14th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice the international
community affirmed that the rule of law and sustainable development are interlinked and mutually
reinforcing. The Kyoto Declaration confirms the importance of evidence-based approaches to crime
prevention, criminal investigation, and strategies to combat crime. Studies from various parts of the world
highlight the effectiveness of police reform that promotes trust, mutual respect, and an adherence to the
principles of procedural justice. This includes diverse, inclusive and accountable law enforcement, with
external oversight mechanisms to prevent excessive use of force, as well as community oriented policing
that builds on an inclusive and consultative approach, and an in-depth understanding of local context.
Strengthening these dimensions of police-community relations enhances the role that police play in
facilitating early and equal access to justice for all.
In recognition of the importance of evidence-based and human rights-based police reform, this event
brings together representatives of Member States, United Nations entities, civil society representatives,
and academics, to facilitate the exchange of information on promising practices in police reform.
Presentations include practical illustrations of enhanced public trust through measures to
implement community-oriented policing and increased professionalism and capacity including through
improved human resources policy.

• Ms. Miwa Kato, UNODC
• Mr. Alexey Kalaichidi, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kazakhstan
Professor Kerry Carrington, Queensland University of Technology, School of Justice, Australia
• Deputy Commissioner for Police, Mr. Choolun Bhojoo, Mauritius
• Professor Betsy Stanko OBE, Visiting Professor, University College London, United Kingdom

This online event will be held in English and Russian language. Simultaneous
interpretation will be provided.

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