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Violence Prevention Toolkit

New toolkit identifies how to reduce backlash and build support in engaging men in violence prevention and gender equality work

Efforts to prevent domestic violence and build gender equality in Australia often meet resistance. Some people push back, responding with criticism and hostility to education or training or to community campaigns. A new guide provides practical strategies for practitioners, advocates, and educators in reducing resistance and building support.

The toolkit is a collaboration between Eastern Health, the Eastern Domestic Violence Service (EDVOS), and the Queensland University of Technology. Dr Michael Flood led the guide’s authors, with co-authors Josette O’Donnell and Benjamin Brewer from Eastern Health and Brianna Myors from EDVOS.

The guide identifies tools and tips at four levels:

  • Working strategically to build support
  • Planning an event, training, or initiative
  • Running an event
  • Taking care of ourselves and others

The guide can be downloaded from the Eastern Health website here. Michael Flood’s remarks at the launch of the guide are here.

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