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QUT C4J Domestic and Family Violence Briefing Paper Series

QUT Centre for Justice have released it’s second Briefing Paper Series around Domestic and Family Violence, to co-incide with Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month 2021.  These Briefing Papers recognise that justice problems very often have multiple causes that are beyond the reach of the criminal justice system alone.

Following the tragic death of Hannah Clarke and her children last year, we asked what we could do to make a difference and developed the first three briefing papers in this series. This year, in an environment that continues to demand action, we remain committed to making a difference through our research.   Each of the papers below addresses different elements of preventing this wicked problem.

In their paper, Dr Bridget Harris and Dr Mary Iliadis provide a critical reflection on the use of police body-worn cameras (BWC’s) in domestic and family violence responses.  Their paper discusses the benefits and pitfalls of BWC’s and identifies future directions in BWC research.

Associate Professor Michael Flood and Lula Dembele discuss reframing domestic violence from the view of the perpetrator to help us to target, reduce and understand the problem more clearly.

Professor Kerry Carrington, Professor Christine Morley, Dr Shane Warren, Dr Bridget Harris, Dr Laura Vitis, Dr Jo Clarke and Vanessa Ryan conducted a nation-wide survey to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on DFV services and their clients.  Their paper provides an overview of their findings and makes recommendations regarding the resources needed to strengthen the DFV sector.

And finally, Professor Paula McDonald examines the achievements and the limitations of the #MeToo movement and the prospects for galvanising substantial, longstanding workplace change.

The QUT Centre for Justice acknowledges the work of the Briefing Papers Editorial Board – Michael Flood, Laura Vitis and Deanna Grant Smith – who worked tirelessly to bring this series together.

During Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Month QUT Centre for Justice will welcome a leading panel of experts from across Australia to discuss the question, “What can be done about Domestic and Family Violence”. This discussion will take place on Thursday, 19 May 2021 at 3.00pm at QUT Gardens Point campus.  This seminar will be run in-person and on-line.  For more information, or to register, follow this link

For more information about QUT Centre for Justice visit our website here.


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