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Event: What is the role Australia (and other developed countries) has in southernising Criminology?

QUT C4J member and theme leader, Professor Kerry Carrington, has been asked to to lead the next meeting of University of Oxford, Faculty of Law Southernising Criminology Discussion Group, to address a frequently asked question: what is the role Australia (and other developed countries) has in southernising Criminology? The relevance of Australian academics in this movement has been criticised by some criminologists, and so this will be a great opportunity to discuss it openly. In so doing, Kerry will also touch upon other related issues, such as the meaning of ‘South’ and what some projects of southernising criminology might be.

The event is being held on 21 April 2021 from 4.00pm – 5.00pm (GMT)

To sign-up for the event, please see the registration link here

Speaker biography:

Kerry Carrington is a Research Professor in the QUT Centre for Justice Queensland University of Technology, Australia. She is the lead chief investigator on an Australian Research Council Discovery Project ‘Preventing Gender Violence: Lessons from the Global South’. Her team, which includes Prof Máximo Sozzo, Universidad del Litoral, has undertaken a world first study on how Women’s Police Stations in Argentina respond to and prevent gender violence. In 2016 Kerry was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences Australia for outstanding and distinguished contributions to the social sciences. She is also the recipient of a number of awards from the American Society of Criminology – Lifetime Achievement award (Division of Critical Criminology), and Distinguished Scholar Award (Division of Women and Crime). Kerry is a co-author of Southern Criminology (2019) Feminism and Global Justice (2015) and over 130 other publications, as well as the Founding Chief Editor of Australia’s first open-access journal in law and criminology International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy. She is Pacific Rim editor for Critical Criminology (US); International editorial Board Member of: Feminist Criminology (US), Criminology and Criminal Justice (UK), Delito y Sociedad (Argentina), Asian Journal of Criminology; Current Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice (Aus); Revista de Historia de las Prisiones (Argentina); Novum Jus. Revista Especializada en Sociología Política y Jurídica (Colombia); Revista Latinoamericana de Sociología Jurídica (Latin America) and Ius Poenale (Universitas Lampung, Indonesia).

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