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New Issue: International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

The first issue of the International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy for 2021 is now available.

As always, the journal’s authors reflect its global reach in readership. From Spain, Alberto Alonso Rimo examines the increase in the punishment of conduct preparatory to an offence displayed in recent times in local criminal law. The increase in ‘water theft’ in Australia and the issue of national water security is examined by Alexander Baird, Reece Walters and Rob White. From South Africa, Patrick Bashizi Bashige Murhula and Aden Dejene Tolla analyse the effectiveness of restorative justice practices on victims of crime.

The intersection between incarceration, gender and experience in the Global South is explored in several articles. An intimate case study of intimate partner violence and abuse in Peru is detailed by Lucia Bracco Bruce who reflects on the intersection of punishment and gender. The experience of motherhood and incarcerated women in Mexico also provides a perspective from the Global South.  Sveinung Sandberg, Carolina Agoff and Gustavo Fondevila expand existing scholarship on how structurally disadvantaged mothers negotiate their maternal identities.

In this issue Luke McNamara, Julia Quilter, Tamara Walsh and Thalia Anthony present the findings from their research on the experience of Australian lawyers and allied professionals who have experience supporting, advising and representing people experiencing homelessness.

Reflecting on the presidential election in 2020, Jace Valcore, Jess Rodgers and Nicole L. Asquithkc analyze verbal-textual hostility in political speeches given by Donald Trump as a candidate and President of the United States.

Finally, included in the book reviews, Leanne Weber reviews Katja Franko’s The Crimmigrant Other: Migration and Penal Power.

In 2021 we are presenting the 10th volume of the Journal and have a number of special issues on various themes including green criminology issues in Asia; the politics of irregular migration and a special double issue on gender violence.

Kerry Carrington and John Scott (Chief Editors); David Rodríguez Goyes (Editor); Danielle Watson (Book Editor); Marinella Marmo (Book Editor), and Tracy Creagh (Journal Manager)

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