Briefing Paper Series

QUT C4J Briefing Paper: Victims/survivors of family and domestic violence in diverse, multispecies households

Associate Professor Heather Fraser

Issue No. 7 of the QUT Centre for Justice Briefing Paper Series has been released, titled. “Victims/survivors of family and domestic violence in diverse, multispecies households”

It is increasingly recognised that many humans enjoy close, meaningful relationships with animal companions. Unfortunately, such relationships can make both humans and animals vulnerable to those who might seek to abuse them. To date, a focus on what is known as ‘the link’ between human and animal directed abuse has focused almost exclusively on heterosexual, cisgender people. More recently, however, research has turned to consider the relationships between lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) humans and animals, including relationships where abuse may be evident. This research, as summarised in this brief, suggests unique issues at stake for LGBTQ people and the animals they share their lives with.

Heather Fraser is a member of QUT C4J and is Associate Professor in Social Sciences in the School of Public Health and Social Work, QUT.

Nik Taylor is Associate Professor in Human Services at the University of Canterbury.

Damien W. Riggs is a Professor in Psychology at Flinders University.

A link to the Briefing Paper can be found here

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