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Podcast: Justice Focus – Professor Kerry Carrington

Professor Kerry Carrington was interviewed as part of Justice Focus podcast.  Listen here.  Justice Focus is a criminology podcast that focuses on the latest exciting projects happening in criminal justice all over the world. It brings together practitioners, front line staff, NGO workers, academics – basically all those people working passionately and compassionately in criminal justice systems.

In this episode, Kerry chats to Justice Focus about the paradigm shift that is ‘Southern Criminology’, which exposes dominant forms of knowledge production as distinctly Northern/Western and challenges their claims of universality.

Kerry also discusses her preference for co-authoring, the numerous David & Goliath battles that she has taken on, and her passion for open access – ending with a call to action to aid the democratisation of knowledge.

Kerry discusses the recent paper, Carrington, K., Guala, N., Puyol, M. V., & Sozzo, M. (2020), which uses the Southern Criminology paradigm to explore How Women’s Police Stations Empower Women, Widen Access to Justice and Prevent Gender Violence

Kerry has also co-authored two QUT Centre for Justice Briefing Papers – How Women’s Police Stations Prevent Gender Violence and What Australia can learn from womens police stations to prevent gender violence


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