Annual HDR Scholarship Round 2020 – QUT C4J Expressions of Interest

HDR Scholarships are available to competitive applications with an excellent academic track record through QUT’s Annual Scholarship Round, which closes in October 2020 for higher degree research starting in 2021.

We are inviting Expressions of Interest (EOI) for projects that align to any of our three research programs: Access to justice, Technologies of justice and Ecologies of justice.

Carefully read the relevant program information and consider how your proposed research will align before submitting an EOI.
You will find the names of prospective supervisors under each of our program descriptions. Although we invite you to name a preferred supervisor, we cannot guarantee they will be available. In part, our decision about your EOI will depend on if we can match you with a suitable supervision team.

To lodge an EOI for the scholarship round, complete this online form. If you are unable to access the online form contact

Please note that QUT has new procedures for the scholarship round in 2020. To apply, you will need to undertake the following steps:

  1.  Complete the QUT Centre for Justice Expression of Interest form. The closing date for EOIs is August 31st.
  2.  We will review your EOI, considering your previous academic experience, your project proposal’s alignment to a QUT Centre for Justice program, and supervisor availability. At this stage we may let you know that the QUT Centre for Justice cannot support your proposal. In some instances, we may refer your EOI to another part of QUT, which may be better aligned.
  3. If we contact you to let you know we can support your application, you will need to submit a formal application to QUT’s Online System, with your prospective supervisor’s support. The scholarship round is open until October 30th.

The formal application involves two steps:

A) You will need to complete another EOI – for the University this time, and you will be asked to provide your academic transcripts at this stage, for an eligibility check.

B) If you are deemed to be eligible for entry into the PhD, you will be asked to complete the next phase of your application.

    4.   Your formal application will be considered alongside other applicants through a competitive ranking process to determine             if you will be offered a scholarship.


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