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Congratulations to Dr Papazian

Congratulations to School of Justice PhD graduate Dr Natasha Papazian. Her thesis Transgender domestic violence: An analysis of the transgender community and service provision in Queensland examines domestic violence from the perspectives of transgender people and LGBT-friendly service providers. Associate Professor Molly Dragiewicz and Associate Professor Matthew Ball supervised the project.

Dr Papazian’s thesis identifies a number of unique issues in relationships where there is domestic violence and at least one partner is transgender.  She identified: unique types of violence; links between stages of transition and vulnerability to victimisation; and identity issues that come with transitioning while in a relationship.

Utilising the continuum of violence, this research finds that domestic violence in the transgender community is an extension of the transphobic violence that transgender people experience in their everyday lives, noting how these experiences inform and influence recognition of and help-seeking for domestic violence.

Dr. Papazian is currently working as a domestic violence specialist worker with Brisbane Domestic Violence Service.

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