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Upcoming Event: “Private Power, Online Information Flows and Global Laws”

The Intellectual Property and Innovation Law Research Program in the Faculty of Law at QUT is hosting an upcoming seminar and book launch on Monday 27 March 2017.

Abstract: The emergence of very large transnational private companies which provide critical Internet infrastructure and services has brought with it corresponding concerns about the power of these companies to control, surveil and otherwise influence our communications. Many of these companies also gather vast amounts of data by, and about their users – a bank of data which has proved attractive to the public power of nation-states’ security and law enforcement agencies, which have accessed it in less than transparent and legitimate ways, as Edward Snowden’s revelations from 2013 attest.

Against this backdrop, this event considers how different jurisdictions’ legal, regulatory and policy frameworks, including antitrust/competition, sector-specific regulation and human/constitutional rights have been addressing digital dominance issues. Some key topics, including net neutrality in the US & EU, the competition investigations into Google and the emergence of cloud computing, will be covered in order to determine how well existing legal systems are able to protect individual Internet users’ interests vis-à-vis private power online.


For more information about this event and to register, please click here. 

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