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Call for Abstracts in English or Chinese (Mandarin) – #CrimJustAsia17 Conference

The Crime and Justice Research Centre will be co-hosting its biennial Crime, Justice and Social Democracy conference with the Asian Criminological Society’s Annual Meeting. This combined conference, “Crime and Justice in Asia and the Global South”, will create a globally connected space to enhance the dialogue between scholars and practitioners across the global south and with the global north. The purpose of co-hosting the two conferences is to promote a global criminology more befitting of the contemporary world in which we live.

The abstract deadline has been extended to 31 March 2017, with abstracts in Mandarin now being accepted. See below for details:



  1.     年會主題論文摘要:與主題及其建議方向相關之論文
  1.     自行籌組特定主題之論文摘要:籌組人需簡要說明主題,並附上3-4篇論文之摘要。



For more information about the #CrimJustAsia17 conference and to register, please visit 

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