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The incarceration of children in Australia

The Guardian has recently published an infographic highlighting the current status of children being incarcerated in Australia. It also details relevant and confronting research about the implications and effects of incarcerating young offenders. Examples include:

  • “Juvenile prison population in NT that’s Indigenous: 96%”;
  • “Boys were held in an isolation wing for 6-17 days. Max. time legally allowed is 72 hours” Don Dale Detention Centre, NT;
  • “54% of those in detention are unsentenced”;
  • And by CJRC researcher Dr Kelly Richards, “On the whole, juveniles are more frequently apprehended by police in relation to offences against PROPERTY than offences against the PERSON”

To view the infographic, click here.

To read and sign the petition requesting the Queensland Attorney General to implement major reform in juvenile justice system, click here.



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