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CJRC Researchers Present at Commonwealth Parliamentarians Workshop on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime

Commonwealth Parliamentary Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Project: Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop

Earlier this week, CJRC researchers Dr. Monique MannDr. Cassandra Cross and Dr. Angela Daly presented at the Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop for Parliamentarians held at Queensland Parliament House.

The four-day workshop was the opening element of a major Commonwealth Parliamentary Project on cybercrime and cybersecurity run in partnership with the Organization of American States and the Commonwealth Secretariat and funded by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

On Day 1, Dr. Mann and Dr. Daly presented in a session focused on cyberactivism which analysed whether online political activism should be viewed as a threat or attack, particularly in the light of WikiLeaks and Snowden.


Dr. Mann posed the question of how parliamentarians can ensure that individual privacy is balanced with collective security. She argued that current surveillance strategies often impacted upon privacy, constantly creating new challenges.

Dr. Daly focused on the role of human rights in cyberactivism, stating strongly that it shouldn’t be framed in terms of a threat, arguing that it should be described as online political participation.


On day 3, Dr. Cross’ presentation focused on the victims of cybercrime. She made the point that cybercrime is about more than just money, reminding delegates of the impact it has on victims’ lives, including mental health, arguing that victims often suffer shame and stigma.

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