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2015 Crime, Justice and Social Democracy Conference Proceedings Available Now

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Volume 1 of the proceedings from the 2015 Crime, Justice and Social Democracy International Conference is available to download now. 

Table of Contents

  • Cassandra Cross: “Policing Online Fraud in Australia: The Emergence of a Victim-Oriented Approach”
  • Rick Sarre: “Metadata Retention: A Review of the Policy Implications for Australians”
  • Alistair Harkness: “Police as Builders of Social Capital with Farmers: Addressing Property Theft from Farms in Victoria, Australia”
  • Hannah Payer, Andrew Taylor and Tony Barnes: “Who’s Missing? Demographic Impacts from the Incarceration of Indigenous People in the Northern Territory, Australia”
  • David S. Fonseca: “Punishment and Democracy in Brazil: Mass Incarceration in Times of Social Inclusion”
  • Gordon Tait, Belinda Carpenter, Carol Quadrelli and Charles Naylor: “Policing Expert Testimony in a Death Investigation: Medical Opinion as Legal Fact”
  • Tyrone Kirchengast: “Victims’ Rights and the Right to Review”
  • Mark Thomas: “Can an Ecdysiast Fag Speak the Voice of Transgender: Phoenix (Un)Rising and the Assumptions in Re Kevin Revisited”
  • Tien Hoange Le, Than Van Trinh and Anh Ngoc Cao: “Self-Help Groups for Human Trafficking Victims in Vietnam: An Innovative Program Model”
  • Tilottama Raychaudhuri: “India’s Sexual Harassment Law: Rendering Tokenism?”
  • Ashleigh Larkin: “New Lads or Ladettes? A Critique of Current Theoretical Explanations for Young Women’s Violence Proliferated over Social Media”
  • Maureen Maxwell: “Realising Resilience in Youth Justice”

To download the full proceedings, click here.

To access proceedings from previous years, click here.



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