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Associate Professor Michael Flood: Consent, violence prevention and engaging boys

Associate Professor Michael Flood of QUT Centre for Justice is a highly regarded researcher on men and masculinities, gender, and violence prevention, with a wide-ranging involvement in community and social change.   Michael has been involved with the following programs during July 2021.

Consent Education: Milkshakes, Misogyny and Masculinity

Associate Professor Michael Flood spoke at a public forum at QUT titled “Consent Education: Milkshakes, Misogyny and Masculinity”, on July 20. Hosted by QUT’s Teaching and Teaching Research Group, the event also featured Professor Kerryann Walsh, Dr Lisa van Leent (QUT), Hayley Stevenson (Department of Education), Penny Spalding (Queensland Teachers Union), and Claire Moran (True – Relationships and Reproductive Health). It was chaired by Professor Martin Mills. The session featured lively discussion on how to prevent and reduce sexual violence and sexual harassment and how to foster norms and practices of consent and respect among young people.

Mobilising Men to Take Action for the Prevention of Violence Against Women

Associate Professor Michael Flood provided a presentation on “Mobilising Men to Take Action for the Prevention of Violence Against Women: Theory and Practice” to the Fast Track Intensive Leadership Program, on July 15. Fast Track is an intensive leadership program that provides mid-career and senior practitioners with the leadership skills required to advance their career within the family violence response and primary prevention sectors, hosted by Domestic Violence Victoria and the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria).

Guidance for violence prevention in India and Spain

Associate Professor Michael Flood provided expert advice to violence prevention practitioners in India in running an online workshop with providers of the Gender Lab Boys’ Program, India, on July 6. The Gender Lab Boys’ Program aims to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviour by engaging boys in conversations and advocacy projects to increase their awareness and encourage action. Michael also provided advice to researchers in Spain commissioned by the Gender Violence Prevention Directorate of the Spanish Ministry of Equality to develop government policies on engaging men in violence prevention, on August 4.

You can find more information about Michael’s research here.


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