LCAM creates ripples of change for Kate

Kate Pearce, LCAM graduate

2020…the year that is unforgettable, and the year that is nearly over! It’s difficult to comprehend that we are preparing to graduate our current Cohort from our 12 month Leadership Coaching (LCAM) Executive Graduate Certificate in Business, as in one sense it seems like only yesterday when they commenced with us. However, at this point in the program, it’s timely to pause, reflect and hear from our students about the transformational impact, both personally and professionally, that the program affords.

As Kate Pearce, from our Class of 2020, has shared:
LCAM transformed the way I approach and interpret [ambiguous problems]. I am much more deliberate about finding enjoyment and opportunity in the shifts and know this mindset will have a positive impact on how I support others to navigate change and complexity with confidence”.
One of our goals in building the program, was to support our students in creating ripples of positive change, so it is a delight to hear such a powerful and practical outcome has been experienced by Kate during a time of volatility and uncertainty for the world, the organisations we work within and the leaders we support.
Here Kate shares her reflections on how LCAM transformed her…

Who or what influenced/inspired you to apply?

I had been looking for a post-graduate course that considered coaching at the organisational level and noticed an advertisement for LCAM. I had the chance to speak with a number of alumni before enrolling and their loyalty towards the course really stood out to me. It was clear they had been genuinely energised by the experience and this motivated me to apply.

What was your personal growth story?

While I initially enrolled in the course to ‘perfect’ my coaching, it unexpectedly became a year of transformational learning. I really had no idea the ride I was about to embark on!”

What I find so clever about the design of LCAM is that you are not only learning techniques to apply in an organisation, you’re learning to apply them to yourself.

I think it’s easy to fall into the trap of always striving to improve without taking a step back to also consider how you’re using your strengths. LCAM provided an opportunity for me to more deeply consider how I was choosing to use mine and this process was supported by the 360 Leadership Circle and PROPHET profiling. I found myself asking, “Now what are you going to go and do to really leverage these strengths?”  

How did this study transform you / or the organisation that you work for?

 I’ve always enjoyed working with ambiguous problems but this course has really transformed the way I approach and interpret them. I am much more deliberate about finding enjoyment and opportunity in the shifts and know this mindset will have a positive impact on how I support others to navigate change and complexity with confidence.  

 What was the highlight of your study experience?

A particular highlight for me as a small business owner was the opportunity to conduct my High Impact Project in a larger organisation who kindly agreed to ‘host’ me for the year. My project supported the organisation to progress towards embedding a coaching culture, an exciting piece of work to have the opportunity to contribute to.

It was practical opportunities like this that occurred throughout the course that made the learning both relevant and impactful.”

What advice would you give to someone looking at trying to do what you have done?

 LCAM uses the metaphor of a surfboard to describe coaching as a tool that leaders can use to ride through complexity and change. I think this is also a fitting metaphor for the course – it provides you with the tools and mindset to confidently explore situations where you no longer have all the answers.

If you’re open to learning deeply about yourself and how you can achieve greater impact as a leader, I would strongly encourage you to apply.”

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QUT’s Executive Graduate Certificate in Business – Leadership Coaching (LCAM) program is designed to transform your leadership style. Over the course of twelve months, you’ll discover leadership through coaching as a mindset.  Join a new wave of leaders.


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Fran is passionate about developing exceptional leaders. She is Director Leadership Coaching; Course Coordinator for the Executive Graduate Certificate in Business (Leadership through Coaching & Mentoring); and established The Leadership Coaching Practice within QUTeX (Executive Education). She works extensively in leadership development, providing individual and group Leadership and Executive Coaching for senior executives, and facilitating executive development programs. Since 1999, she has acquired specialist knowledge in personal and professional development through Executive Coaching and has consulted in successful large-scale leadership development programs across a wide range of industries. Fran’s research is widely reported within the coaching field and she is called upon by media to comment. Her research focuses on leadership development in the workplace, with a particular interest in executive coaching. During her PhD she was successful in winning an addendum to the ARC Linkage Project between QUT, QHPPS, DIR, ADSM and Queens University. The outcomes of this research have been presented internationally.

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