One night can make a difference

Canberra in winter – sleeping out will put me out of my comfort zone.

Imagine, Courtney was your daughter, sister or family member? Whilst she was not homeless, she was couch-surfing and sleeping rough while struggling with drug and mental health issues. Courtney was killed last Friday in a public place in Melbourne. She needed help, and a safe place might have saved her. 

As a mother, this story moved me: what if that was my daughter? Read more

Inspiring Leadership – you don’t need all the answers

A few months ago, I was witness to an inspiring display of leadership. I was in a room full of high achieving individuals, the key decision makers so to speak, who were tasked with visioning for their organisation’s future when they became paralysed by the complexity of the unknown. Read more

Energy markets of the future

I was recently invited by the United Nations to give a keynote address—titled “Uberizing Energy: How Digital Technologies will Change the Competitive Landscape of the Energy Sector”—at the UN’s Resource Management Week event in Geneva, Switzerland.   Read more

QUT ExecInsights – Matt Brown on the promise of genomics for treatment of cancer and disease

ExecInsights Episode with Matt BrownQUT ExecInsights - Matt Brown on the promise of genomics for treatment of cancer and diseaseSubscribe: iTunes – Google Play Music
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Distinguished Professor Matt Brown, QUT Director of Genomics, talks to Kate about the collaborative research which is revolutionising our understanding of the causes of rare and common heritable diseases, cancers and even infectious diseases.

Kate and Matt speak about the speed of technological change in genomic research and the inherent challenges of international collaborative research.

Read more about Professor Brown’s research at:

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Changing the world – one challenge at a time

Team Memorial – Winners of the 2014 Global Business Challenge.

When the Global Business Challenge (GBC) started in 2014, we were excited to think where these ideas could end up and how the challenge could benefit communities globally.

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