Professional Development


Health System Planning and Preparedness

The current outbreak of COVID-19 is causing considerable distress around the world. It is challenging the range and scope of health services and is demonstrating the clinical, social and economic costs that pandemics can have on the community. This pandemic comes on top of a very troubled summer…

University and career skills

The University Skilling Challenge

It is increasingly evident that employers have been moving toward adopting the ‘competency-based’ workforce whereby job roles are defined by sets of knowledge, skills and behaviors (demonstrated through experience). Managing workforce competencies has become an underpinning capability for addressing the challenge of the ‘workforce of the future’ by…

Stepping stone to future learning…just start

It is wonderful to hear the stories of personal and professional growth of our ELP participants and graduates. Kristen Walker completed the Graduate Certificate in Business (Enterprise Leadership) and tells us that her study supported her move into more senior roles within her organisation and prepared her for…