Unlocking Human Potential

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Businesses are looking for better ways to get the best from the people they employ. The tired cliche that employees are our greatest asset is false. It’s unlocking the potential of employees that is the greatest asset.

Now is a good time for HR to reinvent itself.

HR has its finger in many pies. But the pie where it has the greatest influence is the employee lifecycle. We know that generally engagement levels are low. Uncertainty is high. Stress is prevalent. Mental health and well-being are focal points. Competition is heightened. Employees, particularly younger employees, are searching for meaning in their work. These factors can be considered through the prism of the employee journey through the firm. Adopting an employee-centred approach is now the way forward.

Tim’s timely, thought-provoking book challenges some of the long-held mindsets and perspectives and offer an alternative pat for the future of HR.” –David Concannon

But how do you maximize the potential of employees in the new reality?

International expert, Dr Tim Baker, has confronted the conventional employment practices of selecting, inducting, developing, rewarding, and exiting employees and offers a comprehensive blueprint for HR professionals to make changes to accommodate a new mentality.

Tim asks timely and pertinent questions … and encourages us to evolve… or become irrelevant.” – Bill Lee-Emery

He provides new insights about what’s still considered conventional wisdom, such as employee induction, job description, and succession planning. to help you build, lead and inspire teams to flourish in the post-COVID world.

From starting to parting, traditional practices are challenged, and fresh, practical pathways are offered.

The Future of HRIn his one-day workshop, “The Future of Human Resources”, Tim works through a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the post-Covid world of work, and a blueprint for HR professionals to help make the necessary changes to accommodate a new mentality. A copy of the book is included in the workshop.

Tim has written an easy-to-read, comprehensive and forward-thinking book on where HR needs to position itself for the future. There are some brilliant insights and a must-read for those who are trying to get the very best from their employees.” – Dr Peter Beven

QUTeX short courses and professional development


QUTeX is a flexible learning paradigm helping individuals and organisations get future fit through specialised Open Courses, Professional Development and Executive Education. This unique, progressive approach enables learners to extend existing skills, learn new skills, become more adaptable, more multi-disciplined and more valuable in the future. QUTeX programs draw upon a vast network of transdisciplinary skills, experience, diversity and variety from across QUT to deliver rigorously-developed, compact, real world courses. It’s fast, affordable education, ideally suited to forward thinking people who recognise that continuous learning is essential in times of continuous change.

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