2018 Women on the Move : Voice Matters

So many of us wish we had the courage to speak up when it really matters. Speak for ourselves and for others. Our Women on the Move forum this year titled ‘Voice Matters’ challenged us to own the voice we have. Read more

The PSMP gave me the confidence to pursue my dream…

Charlotte Sangster PSMP Graduate

Charlotte Sangster, received the QUT Women’s Scholarship and completed the Graduate Certificate in Business

When I interviewed Charlotte Sangster for her PSMP scholarship application in 2015, what stood out was her total commitment to have impact, to make a difference in peoples’ lives. She also knew that there was a bigger role out there for her that would remain elusive without further studies. 

What a pleasure it was to see her receiving her Graduate Certificate in Business award at the Graduation in Sydney July 2018 and hearing the news that she got her dream job. We recently caught up with Charlotte and asked her about her experience.

What scholarship did you receive and when?

I received the QUT Women’s Scholarship to complete the Grad Cert in Business, Public Sector Management Program in 2016-2017.

Who or what influenced/inspired you to apply?

I wanted to continue my education with a focus on business and management. I was working for a small NFP at the time assisting communities in remote Australia and I knew that I could make a bigger impact if I furthered my education.

The organisation didn’t have any budget for staff professional development so this scholarship was the perfect opportunity for me!

What was your personal growth story? 

I’m very passionate about what I do, but I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my mentors who have helped to guide me (especially through the tough times).

Over the years I have engaged with mentors via the QUT program, professional associations such as the Fundraising Institute of Australia, Kilfinan Australia, and Beaumont’s “Lead NFP” Program.

How did this study transform you / or the organisation that you work for?
The PSMP gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dream role of running an organisation. A role that I am proud to say I now have as the GM of Muscular Dystrophy NSW.

Charlotte celebrates her graduation.

What was the highlight of your study experience?

Working with a consistent cohort of people throughout the program was excellent! The relationships that I developed have been invaluable.

What advice would you give to someone looking at trying to do what you have done?

Really understand what drives you! It is your intrinsic motivators that will keep you going when things get tough!

For me, my passion is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to reach their potential. Working towards this keeps me jumping out of bed every morning no matter how crazy life gets!

* * * * *

If you are interested in studying the PSM Program or applying for the Public Sector Managment Scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact psmprogram@qut.edu.au.


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