How to stop waiting and start leading a career that works for you

In the last article (article one of three) I suggested a number of things you could do if you were feeling stuck in a career rut.  All of those suggestions were intended to do one thing for you – get you much more curious.  Remember curiosity kick starts change!  In this article I will help you work out what to do with all of this curiosity. Read more

Being a learner is a true mark of a great teacher

Teacher with primary school students

As a former teacher and now teacher educator, I understand that finding the time to undertake professional learning can be a real challenge. The teaching profession is built on the foundations of learning, but a teacher’s own learning is often overlooked as they focus first on the education of their students. Read more

“Is this store legit?” – How trustmarks can help online retailers build trust among consumers

female using credit card for online shoppingWhen was the last time you made a purchase online? More importantly, did you feel “edgy” or concerned at any time about your privacy, the security of your credit card details, or the fulfillment of the transaction? Maybe not so much if this was a purchase on Amazon, Gumtree, or a website of a bricks-and-mortar store that you visit. But what if this was a deal on a foreign e-commerce website, a pure-play online retailer … would you trust a “stranger”? Read more

Why companies need leaders who lead digitally

With an alarming trend that sees a disconnect between the C-suite and middle managers with 59% of CEOs pushing digitally decision-making down the organisation* there is a growing need for leaders who can lead digitally.  Increasing the capacity to tap into smarter decision making by optimising operations of both emerging technologies and legacy systems can enhance organisational and career outcomes. Read more

NFP’s need strategic thinkers to remain sustainable in a demanding environment

Business man standing in front of large window thinking.There is a popular misconception that things are easier in NFP world than the corporate sector. It’s a positive environment, people are doing “good” things, and there aren’t too many performance pressures. Maybe it’s the “Not for Profit” tag that leads to that position. Read more

Leadership, Coaching, Slavery, Supply Chains, Venture Capital, and Family: A Conversation with Revel Gordon

Close up of young successful businessman looking at the the city at night

Revel Gordon is one of the featured speakers at the QUT Leadership Coaching Conference: Crossing Boundaries on 22-23 November in Brisbane. In the world of executive coaching, Revel is established as an expert executive and team coach working with organisations like Google, Atlassian and Novartis. Read more

QUT ExecInsights – Stuart Cunningham on humanising the future

ExecInsights Episode with Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham

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Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham, OAM, is a leading QUT researcher in media, cultural studies and the workforce of the future. Stuart speaks to Kate about how the humanities will be vital to creating a community and workforce capable of meeting the challenges of technology, population ageing, globalization and climate change.

Read more

Hacking with Arun Pradhan: How to learn and lead when the world is moving very fast

Arun Pradhan

Arun Pradhan will be facilitating an intense hackathon to attack a big industry challenge.

I spoke with Arun Pradhan about his background and what he intends to share in his presentation at the QUT Leadership Coaching Conference: Crossing Boundaries in Brisbane on 22-23 November.  Arun is a self-confessed geek with an enthusiasm for emerging technologies. Read more

Aaron McEwan: What can the Avengers tell us about leadership in the 21st Century?

Aaron McEwan is a coaching psychologist and the Vice President, Research and Advisory for Gartner’s HR Practice in Australia and New Zealand. I spoke with Aaron about his passions and to get some insights about his upcoming presentation at the QUT Leadership Coaching Conference in Brisbane on 22-23 November. Aaron’s work and life are consumed with influencing different people in different ways. Read more

Onward and Upward – the road forward for you

image of car interior with navigation Looking to build your career, and bound from success to success? Aren’t we all! In today’s environment of everyone getting more qualifications and being more educated than ever before there is the constant query.

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