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BiiG things I learnt at the 2019 Conference

Hi everyone! I’m Chrisann and I’m currently studying a Master of Business (Professional Accounting)  at QUT. I’m interested in innovation and creating value by co-existing with other people and the environment. 

At the BiiG conference, the theme was the changing work of innovation. I loved the fact that it was for next-generation leadership and practice for public value and social impact. The conference was for two days, with the second day being my favourite!

My favourite session was The Adaptability Quotient by Dr Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter. Hearing from them, it made me realise to look for skills that will equip you. Tune in your information diet. Do not consume junk information. Chose what you absorb carefully because it will fuel your thoughts and actions! Be aware of the amazing opportunities around you! Look up and lookout. Technology is for us and is us and will make a better future. Another key aspect is to love and respect everyone around you.

The next session was by Russel Howcroft, CCO of PwC! Yes, you read it right! PwC has a Chief Creative Officer! He pointed out that there is a crucial shift required from creative arts to creative business. Backing creative, big or small is an investment in our future prosperity. So go ahead and support your peers and children, they have immense creativity stored in them. Don’t take it away for them. Support small creative deeds. Outride look for creativity! All ideas are worthwhile.  Be open and show a strong willingness to welcome new ideas. We need to believe in ourselves that we all are creators!

I also met other business students and innovators, it was such a motivation and inspirational boost to me! It was such an enriching experience! I believe it’s about human skills and this event was such a help to meet professionals in the public sector! I encourage every student to attend this event, especially if you are interested in innovation and creativity! It changes the way you think and I believe that is very crucial to innovation. A big thank you to QUT Business School for sponsoring me to attend this event!

Master of Business (Professional Accounting) 

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