Business Advantage Workshops: Why it’s a must for every QUT student

When I started my Master of Business last February, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of extracurricular activities that are organised at QUT. It was clear to me that QUT does not only want their students to attend lectures, but they really want to prepare you for the real world! I found that some knowledge and skills that are very useful for getting a job, aren’t always taught in lectures and tutorials. For some of my units I worked on cases with real-world companies, which I found very interesting. However, in these units I did not learn about how to stand out in a job interview, how to work with excel, how to use LinkedIn efficiently or how to effectively work together in a group.

When I heard about the Business Advantage program, I got super excited because by attending these workshops, I was able to learn these specific skills. I can clearly remember that after attending my first workshop, which was called ‘How to Outperform in Your Graduate Job Interview’, I felt much more confident that I could actually excel in a job interview in the future. Furthermore, I really liked the environment the workshop was given in, and the workshop stimulated my eagerness to learn even more. After attending the first workshop I felt more open to explore new things and became keen to learn as many new skills as possible. The Business Advantage workshops helped me to stay motivated and curious, which is also a valuable attitude to have in a rapidly-changing business environment.

After the first workshop, I continued to attend as many workshops as I could. Not only did I learn very useful skills, but I also met a lot of like-minded students during these sessions. Everyone who attends these workshops is there voluntary and is therefore super motivated to learn something new. What I also really like about this program is that they provide very interesting, inspiring and helpful speakers – people who know how to stimulate students, and how to make them enthusiastic.

I would definitely recommend every (future) QUT student to attend these workshops to improve your skills, expand your network and get enthusiastic to learn. I can not wait to attend my next workshop, hopefully I will see you there!

Master of Business (Marketing)

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