An AMPlified Evening 2020

Everything is uncertain about consumer behavior except the fact that it is constantly evolving. Every year there is a rise in a new kind of social media growing at an exponential rate. Each month now-a-days starts with an update which enables people to express themselves in better ways. People interact with each other through a large number of social media posts every week. A story disappears and new one launches all within a twenty-four-hour cycle. Each minute interactions of consumers is like a million-dollar data. Whereas every activity per second adds up a new dimension of consumer choices. There have been so much content floating around which makes the statement of Bill Gates given in 1996; ‘Content is King’. Moreover, in today’s world it would not be an exaggeration to describe content as a kingdom. However, the rise of the content kingdom has brought about numerous questions in the minds of marketing aspirants.  In order to empower students with the current issues in the real world; the ‘AMPlification 2020’ was organised by the Advertising. Marketing and Public Relation (AMPR) wing of QUT Business School.

This year’s event itself was delivered through a new channel of communication (e-conference) and was successfully delivered. The event was embellished by Leigh Terry (CEO, IPG Mediabrands APAC), Kevin Doyle (Regional VP, Data, Personalisation & Marketing Automation), Ryan Petie (Executive Creative Director, Publicis Worldwide), and Gai Le Roy (CEO at IAB Australia).
The opening remarks by Leigh Terry was the outcome of his profound understanding as well as experience about providing the best customer experience in every level of customer journey. Leigh specifically emphasised on the importance of first party cookies to enable the entire process. Leigh also explained the power of customer centricity in corporate strategy to raise the brand equity.

Kevin Doyle carried forward the talk explaining the rise of AI based technology to optimize the marketing process. AI based process means the elimination of unnecessary human interface which has a direct relation to the accuracy of delivering the experience. Kevin pointed out the multiplication of the budget allocated in the use of technology to do marketing at various levels. Furthermore, Kevin also pointed out the real challenge is to find the right balance between consumer privacy and their anticipations about brands, products, and services.

Ryan Petie’s presentation was an interesting insight on the shift of consumer behaviour to consider the company’s earned media as a point of information search, product evaluation and purchase decision. Ryan showed real world evidence that the traditional way of advertising is no longer popular among consumers. Instead, consumers are more attracted to the story-based narration of messages for which companies need to rethink about gaining media from consumers.

Every big business executive say in one voice that an unprecedented growth will be observed in gaming and the e-sports industry. Gai Le Roy’s understanding about various aspects making e-sports as the point of communication shows the level of vision – she has to see the dynamics of the future for the respective sector. Her ability to interpret the rising online activity by consumers; enhanced the knowledge within us (students).

The speciality of AMPlification 2020 is not only limited to the exchange of ideas but it has also boosted the confidence level and developed a vision for future marketing opportunities among students in the tough and challenging times of this current global pandemic.

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