A glimpse into the World’s first digital marketing bootcamp and graduate program!

Like most undergraduate students I often feel overwhelmed by the thought of graduating and stepping into the ‘real-world’. We’ve all heard it before, “you need experience.” Lucky for QUT students, the QUT Business School is always offering amazing opportunities.  

Recently, I participated in the Salesforce x Datarati Digital Marketing Boot camp & Graduate Program. Going into this experience, I had no idea what to expect. However, after completing this program, I got a glimpse into the marketing world and developed a better understanding of the future of the industry.  

The first portion of the program focused on learning the Salesforce Email Marketing software and understanding the automation systems. If you’re ready to challenge yourself, buckle up because there is a lot of content to digest! Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform in the world, and I was mind-blown seeing how powerful the features and technology were. 

 The second portion of the program focused on consulting skills. We took a deep dive into customer experience and journey strategies. Next, we were thrown into the deep end and  all assigned an individual client case study. We had 24 hours to develop a customer experience and journey strategy presentation, and then present. Now that is what you call ‘learning on the job’ 

Overall, this experience was very enjoyable, and I would highly recommend it to business students seeking to build their skills and gain some experience. You will not only learn technical skills, consulting skills and presentation skills but you will also build great friendships and connections. A key takeaway I learnt that can be applied to any industry is, ‘customer experience is the future of the world’. Not only are customers expecting a good customer experience, but they are expecting a personalised experience. So make sure to keep that mind!  

If you’re eager to be involved, don’t forget to apply in the next round of applications during the summer holidays. Good luck and have fun!  

Bachelor of Business (Marketing, Public Relations)

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