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Amplifying your storytelling through emerging tech: A key takeaway from Something Digital 2019

Something Digital is the premier tech conference in Brisbane that aims “to celebrate our digital ecosystem and help organisations in Brisbane and South East QLD to strengthen their digital capabilities across various business areas including marketing, business analytics, technology, leadership, customer design, and operations”

Christina Lee Storm from Dreamworks Animation delivered a keynote that I found to be a glimpse into the future.  You need to ask yourself – “What makes a good immersive experience?”, such as things you can’t typically see in the real world. The future of storytelling is “connecting worlds and characters to audiences”.

VR & AR are emerging technologies with unlimited potential, and the esteemed animation studio is pursuing the VR/AR space to create lasting, immersive experiences that go beyond films and extend the longevity of their IP through innovative customer journeys.  Several VR activations of the film “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” were held around US Walmart stores and the unique shopping experience offers a glimpse into the future of V-commerce and how VR/AR will transform retail and merchandising. The “business model is not there yet — but VR/AR tech is not going away”

My name is Andrew and I’m currently undertaking a Bachelor of Business (International Business) with QUT. I’m highly interested in the fields of Consulting, Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. The main reason for attending Something Digital was because I have a startup idea, and being in a place full of thought leaders has enabled me to further validate the idea, foster valuable professional relationships, and gain insights into the future of business.

I would highly recommend my fellow students who have a keen interest in innovation, technology, and the future of marketing to attend this conference.  Who knows? You might even end up on a post-conference fun day-out with some of the keynote speakers!

Bachelor of Business (International Business)

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