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Discover Delft: My Unforgettable Semester Abroad at TU Delft

Chong – Delft University of Technology, Delft – Netherlands

Semester 2, 2023

Bachelor of Design

Do it in Delft!

Amazing memories, new experiences, lifelong friends, and a deeper appreciation for life
were just a few things that came from studying at TU Delft in the Netherlands.
Hi! I’m Chuong a Landscape Architecture student who did a semester abroad at TUD
and studied Urban Design at their architecture faculty. I had an amazing experience and
met so many wonderful people, while also studying an extremely interesting minor over
there which is why I wholeheartedly recommend any thinking of studying in the
Netherlands to choose TUD.

Studying abroad, I was able to gain so much educational and professional knowledge in
my field while also experiencing and gaining new perspectives on life, that I would’ve
never received if I had of stayed in Australia. I also met so many amazing people that
made my exchange the best time ever. Doing an exchange enabled me to experience
living overseas where I could explore a whole new country and see so much of the world
I had never seen before in this time. However, studying and living abroad does come
with its challenges… and the Netherlands is no exception.

Tips for living in the Netherlands.

While living in the Netherlands is very similar to Australia, I found that there were a few
challenges and issues that could’ve been easily avoided if I had known beforehand. So,
here’s a few tips so that your exchange is the best time ever!

Open a Dutch bank account

While not necessary, it made life so much easier and was free! As a lot of places don’t accept credit card payments and having a local bank account made online/bill payments so much easier and cheaper.

 Learn some Dutch

Although most people in the Netherlands and at Uni speak perfect English, learning some Dutch made life a lot easier and its very similar to English.

Get a transport pass

While this also isn’t necessary, train travel is usually the best and most affordable option to travel around the Netherlands. However, all these journeys do add up and can be quite expensive. I recommend getting a transport pass from NS, if you want to travel and save a bit of money.

Save! Save! Save!

The Netherlands is expensive, although somethings are cheaper than Aus, most things are much more expensive with the conversion rate, and these costs add up very quickly.

 Appreciate the sun

The Netherlands is not known for its abundance of sunshine and good weather, so I strongly recommend taking vitamin D tablets when over there. As in the autumn and winter months, the lack of sunshine and the endless rainy days will take a toll.

Be open to anything!

So many amazing opportunities and experiences comes to you when your open to it (I know it’s a cliché) so don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. Moving to a completely new country and knowing no one you have a chance to re-invent yourself, so make the most of your time.

Secure housing through the university!

Similarly to Australia, the country is in the grips of a massive housing crisis, so please be aware of that during your application and when considering delft. The university offers a housing service for exchange students, which is probably the easiest method to get a place during your exchange, as other methods of finding housing can be quite tricky and hard to do when you’re not in the country.

Be resilient

My final tip, going on exchange is like going on an amazing rollercoaster ride, with ups and downs. Appreciate the highs and be strong through the downs, especially in moments of homesickness, culture shock and stress.

These tips are just based on my experience in Delft, and hopefully are helpful for you
and your time in Holland. Although, I faced some challenges at first when coming to the
Netherlands, I found it so easy to settle in and have the best time possible. Delft is an
amazing town and has a fantastic university campus that is full of life. On my exchange,
I met some of the most interesting and wonderful people who are now lifelong friends,
while also getting a world class education in a fascinating field. All of which is why
choosing to do my exchange semester in Delft was on the best decisions I’ve ever

 Find out how you can apply for exchange via the QUT Student Exchange website.

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