March 2016


Mumbai – City of Festivals

Today marks the tenth week my partner and I have been living in Mumbai, India for our exchange at the National Institute of Fashion Technology. During our time here we have enjoyed shopping our way through multitudes of bazaars and markets, sourcing different fabrics and beads from the…

Make it happen

Exchange is not about a semester in your life, it’s your life in a semester.  You don’t wait for the best moments in your life to happen. You create them. Make it happen and find out all you need to know about exchange by attending the QUT Exchange…

Lecturers-Harvard Graduates

When I first arrived at the university I immediately received the impression that this was a very prestige university. This is because of the very large campus and building infrastructure. The buildings were built in 1905 but looks like an old style castle. The infrastructure was very old…

Why limit yourself?

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Experience doesn’t seek you but you can seek experience. Get advice from your faculty and guidance on how to create a study plan by joining us in the QUT Exchange Fair. RSVP here.