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My Short-Term Exchange at Aarhus University

Yingxi – Aarhus University – Denmark

Short-Term Program
January 2020
Bachelor of Business

This two-week short-term exchange program with Aarhus University was incredible. Personally, I strongly encourage those who are considering a half-year exchange program, to try the short-term program beforehand.  

I reckon Denmark has to be one of the best short-term options, as Denmark is a pretty safe country. Moreover, they speak perfect English and the Danish culture is relatively easy to adapt to. Thus, if you are concerned about culture shock or the language barrier in your first international study trip, then do the Denmark short-term exchange program. The only thing you may need to take note of is the winter in Denmark, which is between December and March.  Sometimes it would snow, and the temperature there is absolutely much lower than that of the ‘winter’ in Brisbane. Furthermore, the day time is generally quite short, so you may see the sun rising around 9 am and sun setting around 4 pm. I found it really interesting to explore the geographical and cultural differences while studying in Denmark.  


The professors in Aarhus are very humble and knowledgeable. The two week full time course means you would have classes every day between 9 am and 3 pmDuring the class, you would be listening to the professor in a tutorial size classroom and most importantly, you would be able to have a direct and strong interaction with the professor, while clarifying any doubts instantly. Most of the time, the whole class would be actively involved in the class discussion to also clarify any doubt. This motivates the whole class to aim for a deeper understanding of the topic. Although group presentations and individual final examinations are scheduled in these two weeks, you would not be worried about the challenge, as you would work them out bit by bit during and after the class. However, this is not the full story of your course, because you would have another 50% take home assignment which is due one and half months after your examination. To conclude, it has been an enjoyable overseas study journey in which we all worked hard and played hard. 

Social Life 

In terms of the living and social life in Denmark, you would be spoilt for choice. Aarhus university hosted events in which we were guided to visit different attractions in Aarhus with local students as our guide. The university also hosted a welcome event to help all the exchange students make friends. During the weekend, some exchange students chose to travel to other EU countries like the UK and Germany; some traveled within Denmark to visit different cities like Copenhagen and Odense; some explored the local attractions, such as churches and markets.  

I happened to meet some lovely creatures during one such weekend!

After the 2-week course, a lot of us became friends and decided to travel around Europe together. This could be you  too if you decide to take a QUT exchange program in an European country. Depending on what you prefer, you would always be able to make new friends with similar interests to you in Denmark!  

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